Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trace Cell Phone Numbers Free

It may be you're trying to locate the people who were trying to contact you or the people who were recently calling your partner. It may be that you lost an important contact number from a business buddy or because you want to get in touch with your long lost relative/family member or contact your childhood friend.

Tracing a cell phone number can somehow be painstaking. One, it's not located in any directory at all. Two, there are thousand of numbers in your state, that coming up with own computations might even be impossible. No, you can't search for them even on you local daily contacts, unless of course you're a businessman who has a lot of contact with lots of people.

However, there are solutions for everything. You may still search for cell phone number for free. There are several ways to do it.

1. Search on a website

If you look for cell phone number of a business client or even of a customer, then perhaps it is reasonable enough if they have a business website positioned somewhere over the internet. Sometimes, numbers are provided in their website so you can look below their content and check for the "contact us" link.

In the area where customers usually send over their queries, purchases and complaints, there is a large possibility you won't be able to find the cell phone number, but at least you would be able to gain another step to discover another contact detail which will allow you to connect to the person whom you are looking for.

If you're tracing a number that you think belongs to a friend or a family member, you can try using Google to lookup for the name. In there, you might stumble unto something, like his/her blog or a personal website where he/she encoded his personal contact details. Lately, social networking just like MySpace or Facebook has become an investigating tool, because, they have this great membership gauge. You may also consider browsing into their sites. It's pretty simple. Type in their full names or their email address, then search page will show you some results which will match your search.

2. Check volunteer directories.

There are but a few, although there are also numbers from directories where people intentionally put a list of their contact details which include their cell phone numbers. Maybe it's their only way of telling those people who are close to their hearts that they are always open and reachable anytime they want. Considering how many people would take advantage from anything free for their dishonest actions, this might be nuisance for you. Looking for the right number is hazy, but the point is that it's still worth the try.

3. Call search agencies.

There are search agencies that are willing to seek anything possible to look for in the web. However, you have to inform them on what they are supposed to look for. You can contact their representative about your crisis. Procedure is generally referred as a reverse look up which means they will look for the person's cell phone number by using all the applicable information you can give to them.

4. Google them.

Generally, there is nothing that you can't find in Google. This engine has a special program which is called the Google phone book, wherein you can definitely trace a phone number for free! An area code is also relevant information you could get if you want to trace a person's number, an address or his full name would be okay as well. You will be surprised on what Google phone book can show you. Otherwise search a cell phone lookup!

Friday, January 18, 2008


If you want to buy a new laptop then it is a good idea to find all the possible information about prices and configuration. The price of the laptop depends on it`s brand and configuration. You should try to find some online stores as most of them offer free gifts and discount coupons. Don`t always look for latest technology as you can buy older laptops with good technology for lower prices.

Before buying any type of computer you should know your needs. A laptop with 512 MB memory mostly runs all the applications. If you are a gamer you should also inquire for graphic memory. Latest processors available in the market are dual processors. The next thing which you need to know while buying a notebook for you is the speed of the processor.

If you you are having a low budget you can opt for second hand laptops. A one year old notebook can be bought for a reasonable price. If you are confused among several brands then it will be a good idea to visit a website or a blog which regularly write latest laptop reviews. Nowadays laptops are easier to afford and play the role of your office assistant as well as your entertainment power house. Now you can buy a computer for every lifestyle. Today`s laptops are better equipped than ever. Notebook PCs are always known for their portability and excellent performance. Follow the instructions which you have read in this article and you are ready to buy a laptop.

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